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Bro. George Cooke served Chi Gamma Gamma as Keeper of Records and Seal (KRS) from 20 08 to 2012.   He continues to offer technical and operational support to the entire chapter. A brother can contact Bro. Cooke at any time and he will respond, even he is not the designated brother to handle a situation or request. He is a resource for the current Executive Board and assist as necessary or when called on. He co-chairs the Communication committee and is responsible for the distribution of the weekly chapter updates and the chapter’s website. This makes him an ad-hoc member of every standing committee. On the Chapter level he has helped Chi Gamma Gamma take our social media and online presence to another level. As you check out the Chi Gamma Gamma website you will notice its uniqueness within Omega. It is designed for a membership organization. It is updated on a regular basis and chapter members have the ability to look up a chapter brother on the website and find out important contact and personal information about him. Brother Cooke’s efforts have directly helped the chapter bring in more money to the chapter and our 501-c3 Foundation. The brothers of Chi Gamma Gamma thought it fitting to select him as our chapter’s 2014 Man of the Year.

As Georgia State Keeper of Records and Seal where 1649 financial members reside, he is responsible for record keeping and reporting for the entire state organization.  It is the largest State membership in the 7thDistrict.  Brother Cooke handles his State duties with professionalism.  Chapter leaders consult with him for advice on forms and policies.  Bro. Cooke was instrumental in updating many of our State processes and forms, moving the revised forms online. As an experienced IT professional, his knowledge and expertise has made our reporting a lot more convenient and lot less cumbersome. He’s responsive and open to new things as evident with his implementation of our online dues paying process. He helped to implement quarterly KRS and KF training sessions by regions throughout the State of Georgia.  This has been well received by the chapter officers since it is especially helpful for individuals new to these roles.  He conducted research into the State’s business process that uncovered a problem with how some brothers were being reimbursed for attending required meetings.   His research helped to change the reimbursement policy for travel for State officers and committee chairs. Brother Cooke updated Form 53 which is the form that lists all members from each chapter.  This information is requested after each fraternal quarter throughout the year. Although these are all changes that affect each brother in the State of Georgia, many do not know of Brother Cooke’s role in making those changes happen. When a brother has an administrative need that is too big for the chapter, Bro. Cooke resolves the issue.  He is also asked to help Omegas having difficulties registering for a State, District or International meetings.  Bro. Cooke cheerfully works to resolve the issue.  Finally, he’s provided timely data to chapters seeking to track their membership trends.  If you want to know how many brothers were financial in your chapter two years ago Bro. Cooke has the answer. Because of his dedication to the fraternity and his willingness to serve and assist, the brothers selected him as Georgia State Man of the Year.

On the District level he works closely with Bro. James Cistrunk, District Keeper of Records and Seal, to make sure all brothers in the State of Georgia are properly tracked. We have all experienced some kind of difficulty in the past regarding online or onsite registration. With the help of Bro. Cooke many of those issues have been resolved as a result of his due diligence.

Brother Cooke was initiated on November 29, 1973 through Eta Beta Chapter (University of Tennessee Chattanooga) and has over forty years of service to Omega.  He continues to mentor young brothers in that chapter. He also serves as correspondence point of contact for alumni brothers regarding things like homecoming, reunions, scholarships and uplift for the undergrads, memorials and IHQ questions.


He was Chief Information Officer for a privately-held solutions company focused on providing broadband infrastructure design, deployment, and operations for private and public clients across the United States and overseas. A-Plus clients include cities, counties and regional telecommunication authorizes, as well as private telecommunications service providers.


Bro. Cooke is married and the father of five children and three grandchildren. In the community he works with United Way of Cobb County where he was a former board member and served on the Metro Atlanta United Way Investment committee. The amateur DJ (cookouts and family reunions) is the Sound Engineer at his church.  He also has provided technical assistance to several non-profits in the metro Atlanta area, including Gilgal Inc.  This agency provides transitional housing to formerly homeless women with drug dependences.  Brother Cooke has assisted another Omega in providing copies of music CDs to the residents.  The spiritually uplifting music has been well received by the residents at Gilgal.  

Bro. Cooke goes above and beyond the call of duty. On March 28, 2015 at the 78th 7th District Meeting in Mobile AL, the name George Alexander Cooke was called as the 2015 District Man of the Year. He does his job and more. Please join me in recognizing and honoring this brother for a job well done.


Submitted by Randolph Merriweather, Chi Gamma Gamma, KRS

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